The FrogBox kit contains several help guides including the detailed Product Manual. There are also detailed help resources available online including video tutorials. We suggest you store this guide as well as the Product Manual under the top ripple foam of the case for easy access.


  1. The FrogBox ships in two shipping boxes. See details in the main Product Manual for a list of what’s in the kit
  2. Unpack the Camera Mast from box 2 and put into the Mast Bag which is contained in box 1
  3. Unscrew the top screw on top of the Camera Mast and take out the silver bolt from it’s initial sideways position and place it in the top of the mast so it is facing up (small thread at the top)
  4. Place the long cables and the small black kit case into the mast bag as well
  5. Several of the components will ship with a protective plastic film on different services. Check all components in the case and dispose of any plastic films.





NB: It is assumed that you will be using the 4G network to communicate with the FrogBox service (if you would prefer to use a fixed Ethernet connection please see the main Product Manual or contact support). You will need to supply your own 4G SIM card. 6 hours of streaming will use around 5GB of data so look for data plans of around 30GB per month.  

  1. The Video Encoder takes a Nano SIM card. Use the SIM Card Tray Eject Pin to eject the SIM tray and insert your SIM card.
    TIP - flip the encoder upside down when inserting the SIM
  2. Test the Video Encoder can connect to the 4G network by turning on the Video Encoder.  The 4G light should flicker blue and then turn solid blue when a connection is made. Video -
  3. Put the 4 x AA batteries supplied into the Tilt Head - ensure they are the correct way round! Video -
  4. Charge the Camera by connecting the cable to a USB AC adaptor and to the DC input terminal of the camera. Video -
  5. Charge the Battery using the charger cable. Video -


  1. Read the Product Manual so you are familiar with how to setup the kit and do a practice setup before streaming any live matches
  2. You can arrange an end to end test by booking a call with FrogBox support, click your country below: