You will need to charge the camera battery fully before using this unit for the first time and before every match.

Important notes:

  • The camera will not be charged if the unit is turned on
  • It is recommended to charge the battery at a temperature between 10 - 30 degree Celcius
  • The battery will heat up after use or charging. This is not a malfunction.

  1. Connect the cable to the USB AC Adaptor and to the DC input terminal of the unit. Insert the plugs as far as they will go.

  2. Insert the USB AC Adaptor into an AC outlet from the wall.

  3. The status indicator will flash red at an interval of approximately 2 seconds (approximately 1 second on, approximately 1 second off), indicating that the charging has begun. Please see the 'Status Indicator during Charging' section below if your status indicator behaves differently.

  4. The indicator light will turn off when the charging is completed

Status Indicator during Charging

When the status indicator is flashing at a particularly fast or slow rate, the following should be considered: 


Flashing with approx. 4 second period (off for approx. 2 seconds, on for approx. 2 seconds): 

  • When the battery is over-discharged or the temperature of the battery is too high or low. It can be charged, but it may take a few hours to complete the charging normally. 
  • It will flash in approx. 2-second intervals when normal charging resumes. Even in such cases, it may start flashing in approx. 4-second intervals until charging is completed depending on the conditions of use. 

Flashing with approx. 0.5 second period (off for approx. 0.25 second, on for approx. 0.25 second):

  • The battery is not charged. Remove the battery from the unit and try charging again. 
  • Check that the terminals of the unit or battery are not dirty or covered with a foreign object and connect the battery correctly once again. If a foreign object or dirt is present, turn off the camera before removing.
  • The battery or environment is at an extremely high or low temperature. Wait until the temperature has returned to an appropriate level and try charging again. If you are still unable to charge, there may be a fault in the unit, battery, or AC adaptor. Please contact the support team.


Off (not flashing):

  • Charging has finished
  • If the status indicator stays off despite the charging being unfinished, there may be a fault in the camera, battery or AC adaptor. Please contact the support team