Although all FrogBox cameras come preset with the optimal settings, we understand that sometimes accidents happen and the camera might lose all or some of the settings. 


The camera has to be set in the Recording Mode to be able to stream the match. 

If you press the Recording/Playback button, it will switch between Recording Mode and Playback Mode.

If the screen is black and there is the VIEW ALL on your screen, it means that the camera is in the Playback Mode. You need to press the button to switch back to the Recording mode.

Accessing the Setup and Record Setup 

While the camera is in the Recording Mode,

  • Touchon your touch screen to access the MENU
  • Touch and the 'Setup' and 'Record Setup' will be shown

The following are the default preset settings for FrogBox Camera:

Reset to Default Settings

If in any case you need to reset the camera back to the factory settings, you can do so by performing the following steps while the camera is in the Recording Mode:

Select [YES] to change the menu settings back to the factory settings.