Apple Devices:

For iOS, any device running iOS 11 or newer

Android Devices:

Given the devices and versions can be so wide ranging, we need to specify other factors, listed below.

Supported Android Versions:

Greater than or equal to Android 4.4 (KitKat - API Level 19)

 Physical Pixels

A minimum display resolution height (tablet in landscape orientation OR phone in portrait orientation) of 800px.

 Display Density

~120dpi = ldpi (unsupported - may still work, but no guarantees)

~160dpi = mdpi (unsupported - may still work, but no guarantees)

~240dpi = hdpi (supported)

~320dpi = xhdpi (supported)

~480dpi = xxhdpi (supported)

~640dpi = xxxhdpi (supported)

 Display Size Tip

Setting the Display > Display Size setting in Android (not all variants have this) to 'Large', 'Extra Large' or 'Huge' will restrict the amount of screen space the app has to work with. We cannot fully support the use of the app with this setting turned to any of those options. Users should be made aware to return the display size to ‘Default’ before scoring.