The support team require all clubs/leagues to submit match requests for matches that will be streamed using FrogBox.

We strongly recommend you send through a full season list however if you are not sure which matches you will be streaming throughout the season, you can send them in per week or per month etc. Please note that we request that you send your match requests in at least 5 DAYS before the match date.  If you do not request the match you will not be able to stream the game.


To submit your match requests, head to the ticket submission page and ensure you populate all boxes marked with a red asterisk with the following:

- Requester – your email address 
- Club/Association name – name of your club/association/school
- Subject – e.g., “[INSERT CLUB NAME] CC Match Requests 
- Type – select “FrogBox Match Request” from the drop down 
- FrogBox Kit Number – located on the silver sticker on your green box and encoder and is the name of your WhatsApp group
- Where are you located– select the country your club is from
- Description – insert a list of the match centre URLs for all the fixtures you are intending to stream. 

AUS, NL, PNG - this will be your FrogBox Match Centre URL of each individual fixture. You will have received a link to your club's Match Centre in your first onboarding email from us, but please reach out to the support team if you are unsure. For example:

UK - this will be your Play-Cricket URL of each individual fixture. For example