There are a few isolated tests FrogBox users can complete to ensure the kit is working as expected.


Camera HDMI output

Setup your kit like you would on match day, however, use the video viewer to ensure you see vision from the camera instead of plugging the HDMI cord into the encoder. Please note to always use your HDMI repeater adaptor even when testing to protect your camera from an HDMI surge. Make sure your camera has been charged, and that your viewer is charging at the time of the test.

Encoder Connectivity 

Turn on your encoder with antennas connected and view the icons on the top of the encoder. You want to see a blue 'on' icon, a red (charging) or green (charged) battery icon and a solid blue 4G icon. A solid 4G icon indicates a connection has been established, a flickering 4G icon indicates the encoder is trying to connect to a network. If the 4G light is not on it indicates that there's no 4G sim inserted, or the 4G connection is too weak for a signal in the area you are in. You can ignore the wifi and video recording icons when using the standard setup.

Portable Battery

Charge, then turn on your portable battery and connect it to your camera using both USB leads to mirror the setup on matchday. Check that you see 4 blue dots on the camera to indicate full power and check that it powers your camera for a prolonged period.


Tilt Head

To test your Tilt Head, you can make the following checks:

- Check if the batteries are dead. Sometimes the tilt head can still display a green light even though the batteries are dead. If you haven’t already try another set.
- Check if the tilt head is on (flick it to M mode).
- Check if the remote has been plugged in properly
 - If you cannot get it working try to manually adjust it by moving the mast head polls or the kit itself so you can still point the camera at the pitch as a workaround.