There are a few isolated tests FrogBox users can complete to ensure the kit is working as expected.


Camera HDMI output

  1. Set up your kit like you would on match day, however, instead of plugging the HDMI cable into the encoder, plug it into the HDMI 'IN' of your video viewer to ensure you see vision from the camera. 
  2. Ensure to always use your HDMI repeater adaptor even when testing to protect your camera from a HDMI power surge. 
  3. Make sure your camera has been charged, and that your viewer is connected to your battery pack.

Encoder Connectivity 

  1. Ensure your SIM card is active and loaded with plenty of data. 
  2. Ensure your SIM card is inserted into the SIM card tray correctly. NOTE, this can be fiddly, make sure the SIM does not ride up out of the tray as you push the tray in. 
  3. Connect encoder to battery pack via mini USB cable.
  4. Turn on your encoder with antennas connected to correct ports and view the icons on the top of the encoder. You want to see a blue 'on' icon, a red (charging) or green (charged) battery icon and a solid blue 4G icon. A solid 4G icon indicates a connection has been established, a flickering 4G icon indicates the encoder is trying to connect to a network. If the 4G light is not on it indicates that there's no 4G SIM inserted, please double check the SIM is inserted correctly. 
  5. You can ignore the WIFI and video recording icons when using the standard setup.

Portable Battery

  1. Ensure it is fully charged (see video below). 
  2. Turn your camera on and connect it to the potable battery using both USB leads to mirror the set up on matchday.
  3. Turn the portable battery on, by single pressing the small circle on button on top of the battery. 
  4. Check that you see 4 blue dots on the portable battery to indicate full power and check that it powers your camera for a prolonged period.

Tilt Head

  1. Insert 4 AA batteries into the tilt head by opening the rear sliding door. N.B. ensure the batteries are the correct way round!
  2. Turn the tilt head on by flicking the small switch on the front to 'M' - a small green light will come on.
  3. Plug your remote control into the front of the tilt head (with extension in place) and test it moves by pressing the directional arrows on the remote control.