It is recommend to use one of the four main network providers in the UK: EE, Vodafone, O2 or Three. All the other SIM providers piggyback off one of those four main providers which sometimes results in disrupted streaming.

Please avoid using piggyback network providers as you are likely to experience disrupted streaming during busy network periods such as weekends. The following are piggyback providers:

ASDA Mobile

BT Mobile


iD Mobile


Lyca Mobile

Plusnet Mobile

Sky Mobile



Tesco Mobile
Utility Warehouse

Virgin Mobile


Which provider is the best for me?

Please plug your grounds postcode into the following OFCOM coverage map. This will tell you the strength of coverage on the four main networks at your ground and help you decide what network is best for you.

1. Insert your grounds postcode and select the address from the dropdown

2. Select "Indoor" and scroll down and select "View map of available services"

3. Ensure you have "Data" selected in the top right of the map

4. Use the drop down above the map to change between the 4 networks

5. Determine which has the best coverage at your ground, dark green = good coverage

Where can I buy a SIM?

We have partnered up with global mobile specialist RoamingExpert to offer you great rolling monthly deals on O2, Vodafone, Three and EE. RoamingExpert supply Business SIM plans that include unlimited data. The benefits of using a Business SIM over a standard PAYG SIM are that they offer higher speeds, have less throttling and are prioritised on the 4G networks, all essential for when you are streaming continuously for up to 7 hours.

Click here to enquire about a SIM deal with RoamingExpert.

How much data do I need?

It is recommend that you purchase a SIM only plan so that you are not tied into a long term contract and you can cancel when the season finishes. 

Depending on how many games a week you stream will determine the data plan you need. A 7 hour stream uses approximately 6GB of data. So, one stream per week requires approximately 30GB per month.

Planning to use a Vodafone network SIM?

If you plan to use a SIM which uses the Vodafone network, please make sure you book a call with our support team prior to your first stream to pre-configure your encoder settings for it to work. Ethernet connection required.