PlayHQ Integration - Service Updates


The following update is for Australian cricket organisations that have transitioned to the PlayHQ platform.


The PlayHQ integration via Cricket Australia services has been built and along with teams from Cricket Australia and PlayHQ, we have been undertaking the necessary quality assurances processes to continually test the integration. 


Please note your live streams are now available in the MyCricket App with the App becoming the place to promote to your players and supporters to watch the action. 

Download the MyCricket App on iOS

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PlayHQ Integration – Service Delivery Dates


FrogBox Service

Available Date

Live Stream broadcast to YouTube with automated graphics

Saturday 12th November 2022

MyCricket App links to YouTube streams

Saturday 15th October 2022

Highlights on the MyCricket App & Premier Cricket Match Centres


Premier Cricket Match Centres


FrogBox Match Centre on FrogBox.Live

Not in season 22/23

Lilypad Clips

Not in season 22/23


*This table is up to date as of 31st March 2023.


There are two key FrogBox services that will not be available for our customers using PlayHQ for the 22/23 season: FrogBox match centre, and Lilypad.


FrogBox Match Centre

PlayHQ matches will not be listed on the aggregated FrogBox match centre – FrogBox.Live – with the MyCricket App, from Saturday 15th October 2022, to be used to promote finding your FrogBox streams.



Lilypad, nationally licenced by Cricket Australia and provided free of charge FrogBox streaming pass holders, will not include PlayHQ matches and match clips. This service will become available in 2023, with release dates to be advised.

Note that historical FrogBox match clips will remain available and accessible in Lilypad for PlayHQ customers to create and share playlists from past seasons. All season 2022/2023 clips will be accessible in Lilypad from the 2023/2024 season.