New to FrogBox and the Play-Cricket Scorer app in 2023 is the ability to tag any ball as a highlight, allowing you to never miss a funny moment, a dropped catch or a milestone again!

The app will continue to automate the clipping of all 4's, 6's and wickets but now with the addition of the orange "BALL EVENT" button, your scorer can manually tag any ball as a highlight.


How does it work?

Firstly, ensure you are operating the latest version of the Play-Cricket Scorer app. You can download/update at the below links:

App Store

Play Store

For any match that you stream on FrogBox, the orange "BALL EVENT" button will automatically show within the normal scoring button area (see image above left).

To tag any ball as an additional highlight, before confirming and submitting a ball, simply select the orange "BALL EVENT" button and choose the type of event from the available options (see image above right). Once tagged, you can continue to score the ball as normal and confirm the delivery.

Forget to hit the "BALL EVENT" button before confirming the delivery?

Don't worry, you can also retrospectively tag any ball as a highlight:

1. Navigate into the "Ball-by-Ball" section

2. Locate the ball you wish to tag

3. Select the "Edit" pen

4. Select the "Ball Event" option

5. Select the event from the available options

Play-Cricket Scorecard

After using the "BALL EVENT" feature and tagging your additional highlights, these will be available on the Videos tab of your Play-Cricket scorecard: