It is recommended to use one of the three main network providers in Australia: Telstra, Optus or Vodafone . All the other SIM providers piggyback off one of those three main providers which sometimes results in disrupted streaming.

Please avoid using the below piggyback network Data-Only SIM providers as you are likely to experience disrupted streaming during busy network periods such as weekends:

ALDI Mobile



Boost Mobile







Woolworths (Everyday) Mobile

Which provider is the best for me?

Plug your grounds address into the following network coverage maps. This will tell you the strength of coverage on the three main networks at your ground and help you decide what network is best for you. Note our encoders only accept 4G nano sim cards.

Telstra Coverage Map

Optus Coverage Map

Vodafone Coverage Map

How much data do I need?

It is recommend that you purchase a SIM only plan so that you are not tied into a long term contract and you can cancel when the season finishes. 

Depending on how many games a week you stream will determine the data plan you need. A 7 hour stream uses approximately 6GB of data. So, one stream per week requires approximately 30GB per month.