• Make sure the match intended for streaming has first been created in the relevant territory’s match centre (PlayHQ in Australia, Play-Cricket in England and Wales, FrogBox Matchcentre in South Africa, CricketScotlandLive and WDCULive in Scotland, and the KNCB Matchcentre in The Netherlands).
  • If a match is missing, contact the relevant Association or League.
  • UK customers only: If intending to stream an ECB Friendly and in need of guidance on how to create fixtures, please view this article. If a team can’t be found, be aware "Scratch Teams" are not visible to FrogBox’s stream management system; opponents must be in the Play-Cricket database. When adding an opposition team, start by using the search function – the club/school will often already be in the Play-Cricket database. If they are not, two options remain: 
  1. Use the "Send Club Creation Request" button; a request will then go through to a Play-Cricket administrator who will approve the new club. An email confirmation will be sent once approved and the search function will now allow them to be found
  2. Alternatively create the opposition as a team within your club entity on Play-Cricket i.e. in a similar vein to a 1st XI, 2nd XI, Friendly XI, or Midweek XI




  • A FrogBox Go account will be created automatically for all new purchases of FrogBox. All current users will need to register their details for an account via the registration form here. Additional accounts can be created on request (submit a support ticket with the desired email addresses here).
  • Go to and log in with a registered email address. Accessible via laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • If a FrogBox kit has not yet been connected to a YouTube channel, there is the opportunity to do so on the landing page under Overview:



  • Once connected to a YouTube channel, available actions will no longer be greyed out. Select Schedule Stream. From here choose your view to either sort by Match List (all available matches) or a specific week.



  • Use the Filter by Competition dropdown if necessary (1) And then select the required match for streaming (2). Press the Next button at the bottom of the screen. Please note that it's not possible to create a stream for away matches until 72 hours prior to the scheduled match start.



  • The following page allows for start and finish times of a stream to be amended. If a client has more than one FrogBox encoder, ensure the correct device number is selected in the Encoder dropdown. If the club as more than one graphics configuration, ensure the correct configuration is selected in the Graphics dropdown. For further information on how to add or amend a graphics configuration, please read this article.


A screenshot of a match

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  • Select Show Advanced Options for the Video Privacy Setting options and the opportunity to edit a YouTube stream title, a stream description (that appears under the title on YouTube), and the team names and abbreviations for the live scorebar. Once done select Schedule at the bottom of the screen. The following page allows for the opportunity to select either Done or Schedule Another if further streams need to be created. When scheduling further streams, toggle the Hide Scheduled button to remove scheduled streams from the list of available matches. 


We recommend the following naming conventions for use on YouTube and scorecards:


1) Stream title: [Association] – [League] – [Round] – [Home team] v [Away team] – [Day]* 

E.g. Victorian Premier Cricket - Kookaburra Men's Firsts - Semi Final - Prahran v Geelong - Day 1


2) Description: [matchcentre URL]

E.g. (Australia) or (England and Wales).


3) Team full names: Keep short to avoid distortion of the scorebar (e.g. delete unnecessary team information such as “Midweek Twenty20 1st XI” etc)

E.g. Prahran v Geelong or Redditch CC v Pershore CC


4) Team abbreviations: Choose an intuitive short name for the scorebar. The use of capital letters is recommended for clarity



*Day number less relevant outside Australia


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  • Please note that for a match to appear in FrogBox Go for scheduling, InteractSport and your regional matchcentre's databases have to be synchronised. For some matchcentres (e.g. PlayHQ, Play-Cricket) this occurs automatically at set intervals through the day. If you can't wait for this process to run on its own accord (for example a Grand Final is created that was waiting on the results of a Semi Final round), then you will need to download your newly created match into your scoring app, then refresh FrogBox Go in order for it to become visible. Please contact our agents via your WhatsApp matchday support group if encountering any issues with match visibility. 

  • IMPORTANT. Please note that the away team abbreviation field does not always automatically populate, and if left blank the "Schedule" button at the bottom of the screen will remain greyed out. It is therefore essential to fill in this field for a stream to be scheduled.  



On match day scheduled streams will appear on the Home screen under Today’s streams for easy access. Otherwise all scheduled streams can be seen under the Manage Stream section of FrogBox Go, with past streams available under View Stream History. 


The Manage Stream section allows the user to make alterations to their Video Privacy Setting, switch encoders or Graphics configurations, edit YouTube titles, team names and descriptions, and find links for their YouTube URL, graphics page, and Troubleshooting articles.


Please also note that the Graphics Page url only shows what is currently live on your stream, so if scoring hasn't started this will only display a blank scorebar and top right / top left graphics positions if applicable - not a full preview of sponsors' banners. 


A screenshot of a video

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  • Within the hour prior to the scheduled match start, the Manage Stream page will display “Service is Live” at the top of the screen. From here the user will be able to preview their video, continue to have access to YouTube, graphics and Troubleshooting links, and also Start or Stop a stream. 


N.B Pressing Stop Stream will take the user to a confirmation window for the avoidance of accidents.


  • Streams set up more than one hour away can be deleted by pressing the Delete Scheduled Stream button. This takes the user to a confirmation window for the avoidance of accidental deletion.


A screenshot of a chat

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  • Privacy Settings. In both the Schedule Stream section and Manage Stream section it is possible to change the privacy settings of a stream. Please note the wording of the three privacy options doesn’t precisely correspond to the wording on YouTube. The options are:


  1. Public (everyone can see the video; highlights generated)
  2. Private (anyone with the link can see this video; it won't appear on the channel page nor in YouTube search; highlights generated)
  3. Takedown (only channel owners and managers, and people invited by email can see the video; no highlights generated)


If an association or school requires the strictest possible settings for safeguarding purposes, the TAKEDOWN option provides peace of mind by disabling ALL highlights on fan apps and match centres, in addition to hiding the video from anyone who isn’t specifically invited to view it by the channel owner.




All previous streams are accessible via the View Stream History link, filtered by year, month, and Competition. From here the user can retrospectively change privacy settings, and gain access to the YouTube URL of every streamed match.


A screenshot of a computer

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  • On match day, within an hour of the start of any scheduled stream, and for the duration of the match, diagnostic tools will be available in a dropdown within the Manage Stream section, directly under the stream preview.

  • From here the user can view a diagnostic report of their FrogBox kit and stream (1). From the left the user can see the following metrics:
    1. Online. The encoder is online and visible. Diagnostics are not available if red.
    2. Pushing. The encoder is transmitting data to FrogBox's servers. If red, a video preview is not possible, and streaming can't commence. Press Refresh Video (2) to soft reset the encoder. Note: when an encoder is first turned on, it can take several minutes to automatically begin pushing.
    3. Camera. This shows the encoder is receiving vision from the camera. If red, check the camera is turned on, the repeater is on the right way (with the short HDMI cable going to the input side), and that the HDMI cables are plugged securely in their ports.
    4. Battery. This indicates whether the encoder is receiving a charge from the external battery pack. If red, check the battery pack is on (showing blue indicator lights), and the encoder is securely plugged into the smart port on the left of the battery's three USB ports.
    5. Signal Source. This shows whether the encoder is transmitting over data, WiFi or Ethernet. It also provides an indication of the signal strength if using 4G.

  • After using the Refresh Video button, a new button is revealed called Full System Reboot. This can resolve issues of lagging (accompanied by ghosting) alongside a strong signal. It is also a known fix for loss of audio.

  • Any urgent, unresolvable issues on match day must be reported via your Club's WhatsApp support group. An agent will guide the user through additional troubleshooting steps. Non-urgent enquiries should be raised via a ticket on FreshDesk,