Elevation is a key factor in capturing a great view of any match. The FrogBox streaming kit comes with a 4.5 metre tripod mast that is designed to provide you with an elevated view of the action. When positioning the FrogBox kit, there are two key factors; camera zoom level and the position of the tripod mast.


Camera Zoom Level: Zoom level on the camera of around 6-9x zoom is usually a setting that gives the best results

Camera Positioning: Our recommended position is an elevated shot looking down the wicket or as straight on as possible. However, your ground may have other positions that are conducive to good capture such as grandstands or club houses so try them out and see what works best for you. Below are three recommended positions to try.


Position 1 (recommended): Position directly behind the wicket, then shift about 1-2m to the right so your line of sight is between non-striker (for right arm over the wicket bowler) and the umpire. If you have extra elevation to get the view over the umpire’s head, then directly down the wicket is preferable

Position 2: Also a very good position. Angled between the non-striker (for right arm over the wicket bowler) and mid-on. The advantage here is that you are likely to get more of the slips and gully in view

Position 3: Position the camera either side of mid-off but enough to capture 1st/2nd slip if possible.