• Make sure all batteries are sufficiently charged and you have sufficient 4G/mobile data
  • Choose your desired setup position (see Camera Position Guide)
  • Check wind & weather conditions (see Mast Setup & Windy Conditions guide) as you may need to take extra steps to secure the mast and kit.


  1. Setup Camera Mast and extend legs to maximum width. Tighten screws
  2. Screw Tilt Head on top of Camera Mast. Tilt Head power inlet and controls to face the field of play
  3. Plug in Tilt Head remote control cable
  4. Switch the Tilt Head control button to "M" (Manual). The green light should come on. If not, then the Tilt Head will need new batteries
  5. Attach Camera to top of Tilt Head via the black knob below the pan head top screw (anti-clockwise). Ensure the screw is tight
  6. Ensure Camera cables are untangled and fall either side of the Tripod Mast
  7. Remove Video Viewer from case and attach the sunshade
  8. Remove Battery from case and place on top of foam inserts
  9. Press the “on” button on the Battery, blue indicator lights will come on indicating the battery life left  
  10. Unwind the Long USB cable and plug into a USB slot of Battery and the other end to the Camera power cable  
  11. Unwind Long HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI IN port on the Video Viewer  
  12. With the other end of the Long HDMI cable, plug it into the OUTPUT end of the HDMI Repeater 
  13. Plug in the Camera HDMI cable into the HDMI input on the camera. With the other one end of the Camera HDMI, plug it into the INPUT end of the HDMI Repeater
  14. Open viewer on the Camera and plug in mini HDMI cable secured at base of Camera to HDMI port of camera
  15. Turn on the Camera
  16. Adjust the zoom of the camera as required. A setting of between 6-9x zoom gives the best picture depending on distance and angle to pitch
  17. Take the short 12V DC cable and plug into 12V port of Battery. Plug the other end into DC input port of Video Viewer. Screen will start showing the feed from the camera (if not then may need to press Battery “on” button again)
  18. Making sure all cables are not snagged, start raising the Camera Mast, one section at a time starting from the top section. Use the green flexible cable twisty to secure the cables to the mast where appropriate. Tighten all screws before moving to next section
  19. Once at the required height, use the Tilt Head remote control to adjust the camera as required using the Video Viewer to check the feed
  20. Attach the aerials to the Video Encoder (make sure 4G and Wi-Fi aerials are attached to correct ports)
  21. Plug the short USB cable into mini USB connection on the front of the Video Encoder. Plug the other end into a USB port on the Battery. The power light indicator on the Video Encoder should turn red
  22. Unplug the HDMI cable from the Video Viewer and plug into the back of the Video Encoder
  23. Unplug the power cable from the Video Viewer and pack away as it’s no longer required.


  1. Around 45 minutes before the start of the game, turn on the Video Encoder by holding down the “on/off” for 4 seconds. A short beep will sound, and the blue indicator light will come on then the Flow Indicator light will turn solid green
  2. The 4G light should start flickering blue then turn a solid blue when a connection is made
  3. The cloud indicator light should start flickering green which indicates the stream has started.