There are a few things you can do on match day to help diagnose and fix issues that may arise during your stream.


Most Common Troubleshooting Steps

If your stream has started and you are seeing a blue screen or ‘vision unavailable’ message on your stream, then promptly undertake these checks:

  1. POWER: First check the camera, encoder and battery is ON and have power
  2. CONNECTED: Check that the long HDMI is plugged into both the video encoder and the OUTPUT end of the HDMI repeater. Likewise make sure the HDMI cable from the camera is also connected to the INPUT end of the HDMI repeater. This is an imperative step to protect the camera
  3. DATA: Check the 4G indicator is solid and OLED display is indicating a RATE between 800-2500 KBps
  4. STREAMING: Check the encoder flow indicator is flashing, this indicates that a connection has been made with our FrogBox server
  5. RESTART: If the above does not identify any issues, then turn the encoder completely off, leave for 1 minute and switch on again. Wait a further 2-3 minutes and check the stream again
  6. If you are still experiencing troubles then please log an incident report with our customer support team.

Indicators on your Video Encoder

Aside from viewing the vision from your streaming endpoint (usually YouTube) you can check the status of what is being transmitted via reading the indicator lights or the OLED display on the video encoder.

The OLED display on the side of the Video Encoder will display several indicators showing the status of the connection and current stream. Importantly:

IP: This should show a valid Internet IP address when connected and a (G) indicator showing connection via 4G

RATE: When streaming successfully this will show in the range of 800-2,500 KBps


"The broadcast vision is currently unavailable" is appearing on the stream

If you are seeing this message on your streaming endpoint, then it is likely that a connection to your 4G (or other) network has failed. Check the indicator lights, if no connection is seen, usually turning the Video Encoder off and then on will force a reconnection and/or a stream restart if required. If using a 4G network check that you have enough data left on your data plan. 

If you have successfully connected to 4G then check the green cloud flow indicator light as it should be flickering green if a connection has been made with our server. If you see a solid green light, reset the encoder. This problem usually occurs if you have turned the encoder on more than 45 minutes before the match start before our matchday servers start. 


A bright blue screen is appearing on the stream

This indicates the Video Encoder is connected to the streaming endpoint but that the vision from the video camera is not coming through.  

  • Make sure the long HDMI cable is plugged into the Video Encoder
  • Check the other end of the long HDMI cable is connected to the "OUTPUT" end of the HDMI repeater
  • Make sure the mini HDMI cable is plugged into the camera
  • Check the other end of the mini HDMI cable is connected to the "INPUT" end of the HDMI Repeater
  • Make sure the camera is turned on and has power
    The in-built camera battery will not charge while turned on. Instead, it will be powered directly by the main battery. Therefore, if the in-built battery level of the camera is very low the camera may turn itself off if not connected to the main battery. If this happens, simply turn the camera back on when it is connected to the main battery. You should also make sure the in-built camera battery is charged before use to avoid this happening.

Video Encoder cannot connect to the 4G network (blue 4G indicator light just keeps flashing)

This can occur if:

  • You turned on the video encoder before attaching the antennas
  • The antennas are not connected to the correct ports (i.e. 4G antenna connected to 4G)
  • You have poor/no 4G signal in your location 
  • Your SIM card is not activated
  • You are using a Vodafone network SIM that has not been configured yet (UK only).


A black screen appearing on the stream, but the audio is coming through

This indicates that you have the lens cover closed on the camera.

Open the lens cover:


A black screen appearing on the stream and no audio is coming through

This normally occurs when the camera is on Playback Mode.

In order to fix it, switch the camera to the Recording Mode by pressing the Recoding/Playback button.

The camera keeps turning off - Low Battery

When the camera keeps turning off it is often an issue with the camera battery not being charged enough.

There are very easy steps to resolve this and get the stream back online: 

  1. Ensure your camera is OFF
  2. Locate the 2.1A Battery Port on the Battery Pack


         3. Connect your camera to the battery pack for approximately 5-10 minutes. This will give it enough charge to then                      continue streaming consistently

        4. After charging, make sure to reconnect your camera correctly as per the setup.

The video keeps switching to the Demo Mode 

If you find that your video keeps switching to the demo mode, where it shows the camera functionality and features, you can turn off the demo mode from Menu > Setup > Demo Mode