Encoder 4G Light Indicator

4G Light Indicator


Not On

 SIM Card is not detected


 Connecting to 4G Network

Stay On

 4G Network connected

SIM Card

Please only use a Nano 4G SIM card.

Remove the card holder with the provided eject pin.

Place the SIM card onto the holder properly and insert it into the encoder.

Steps to troubleshoot your 4G connection:

Step 1 - Make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly

Step 2 - Make sure the 4G antenna is connected properly to the 4G antenna connector

Step 3 - Restart the encoder, wait until the green light flow indicator is on

Step 4 - Press the 4G button, and the 4G indicator should start flickering

Step 5 - When the 4G is connected, the 4G indicator will stay on.


If the issue persists:

  1. Check if your SIM is faulty. Insert your SIM into another device. This will ensure that your SIM card is working and activated. If the issue persists, it’s most likely your SIM is faulty.
  2. Check if your encoder is faulty. Insert another SIM card into the encoder. If the error message still appears, it is most likely your device is faulty. Please contact FrogBox Support for further troubleshooting.