It is not recommended that you setup FrogBox in rainy conditions.  However, there is a wet weather option pack available or you can provide your own wet weather protection as need be. 


Camera Cover

Ensure the rain cover covers both the camera and the tilt head. Make sure the drawstring is tight around the camera body as shown. Also make sure the cable connectors are secured by a cable tie high on the mast so that they are within the protective cover.

There are many commercially available camera covers such as from Movo Photo:*

Smaller camera covers usually suffice.

Case Cover

We suggest that in good weather or bad that all components are kept in the case (on top or in the foam inserts). The FrogBox case is watertight when closed but when operating, you will need to have the lid open.

In wet weather you can semi-close the case lid by having the video encoder aerials sticking straight out of the case as shown. Cables can still come into the side of the case.

You can then use a 45L backpack rain cover (with elastic cuff) to fit over the case to prevent rain getting inside the case.

Cable protection

It is important to keep all cable connectors dry as water can affect the video or USB power connections.

In addition to securing the cable connectors from the camera under the camera cover in step one, you can also protect these connectors using re-usable silicon tape (as shown) or masking/PVC tape.