Day before the match

  • Ensure the camera battery and portable battery are both fully charged and four AA batteries are installed into the tilt head
  • Check that your 4G SIM has enough data available (approx. 6GB is needed per day)
  • If your scorer is using the Cricket LiveScore/Play-Cricket Scorer app to power scores, ensure they are using the most up to date version. If your mobile device is not setup to automatically update your apps, then please check the relevant app store before play
  • Check weather conditions (i.e. rain, wind or extreme heat). This will prepare you for any interruptions.

On game day

  • Upon setup, it is imperative to the safety of the camera that you have the camera HDMI cable plugged into the INPUT side of the HDMI repeater and the longer HDMI cable plugged into the OUPUT side of the HDMI repeater
  • Make sure to plug both the encoder and camera into the portable battery and turn the portable battery on before leaving the kit
  • 45 minutes before the match start time, turn on the encoder and make sure you see the green cloud icon flickering which indicates you are sending out a stream.
  • Go to Manage Stream in your FrogBox Go browser-based app and check your preview. If you're happy with your preview and are ready to start, click Start Stream. Alternatively wait for your stream to automatically begin (10 minutes prior to the scheduled match start).
  • If you encounter any issues, please use your WhatsApp matchday support group to contact FrogBox agents.