I'm in Australia, how long will it take to receive my kit?

Our indicative delivery time is 5-10 business days after payment. Our Support Team will keep you updated with the details of your order status and delivery.

I'm in the UK, how long will it take to receive my kit?

Our indicative delivery time is 5-10 business days after payment. Our Support Team will keep you updated with the details of your order status and delivery.


How much data do I need?

An average day of cricket over 6 hours will use approximately 5GB of data. For most clubs aiming to stream one match each week, we recommend monthly plans of 30GB.


Do you supply the SIM card?

Our kits are not supplied with a SIM card, and you will need to purchase a 4G Nano SIM card in order to make your stream operational. The best SIM card for you will be impacted by your location and how often you intend to stream. An average day of cricket over 6 hours will use approximately 5GB of data. For most clubs aiming to stream one match each week, we recommend monthly plans of 30GB.


Can I use my own equipment?

Should you wish to use your own equipment then we can't necessarily support the bespoke set-up and troubleshoot and potential issues in game. 

We tend not to sell part kits, but please contact us if you have any questions regarding utilising any existing equipment you may have.


What type of camera is provided in the kit?

Our kit comes with a Panasonic HD Camcorder HC-V180. For full specifications, click here.


Can I stream on our own YouTube channel?

Yes clubs can and should stream on thier own YouTube channel. During your onboarding phase you will be given details to set this up.


How often do I need to charge the portable battery?

The portable battery needs to be fully charged before every day of streaming. Your battery should display 4 blue dots when turned on, indicating full power.


How often do I need to charge the camera and encoder?

You should rarely need to charge the encoder, as long as it is always connected to the portable battery when in use. The camera should be given a full charge before each match day however. We recommend that you check the camera and encoder battery indicators after each match, and charge as required.


Can the opposition score the match on the app and will the graphics appear?

Yes, the opposition team can score the match and it will power your graphics feed on the stream.


What happens if something is broken in the kit?

You should immediately report the issue to our Support Team by submitting a ticket. If the equipment is faulty, we will undertake a remote test to validate the issue, and if under warranty then it may be replaced.


I'm in the UK, can I use Play-Cricket Scorer Pro?

The PCS Pro system is not compatible with FrogBox.


Can I use Total Cricket Scorer?

The Total Cricket Scorer system is not compatible with FrogBox.


I'm in Australia, can I use the PlayHQ e-scoring software?

From October 15th 2022, Australian customers using PlayHQ will be able to use the PlayHQ e-scoring software to power FrogBox streams.

Is there a limit to how many sponsors can be displayed?

One sponsor/club asset can be displayed as a watermark on the stream. Up to 8 sponsor slots are available during breaks in play and an additional 8 sponsor slots are available for end of over pop ups. Please read our Logo & Sponsor Integration for your Stream guide for more information. 


Is the kit weatherproof?

The kit is designed for use in outdoor conditions but is not suitable for use in wet weather or high winds. Please refer to our tips.


How do I setup the kit?

Please read our Quick Setup Guide or watch our video demonstration.


Where should I set up the kit on match day?

Positioning your camera is an important part to a great viewer experience and capturing great highlights. Please read our Camera Position Guide.

I plan to stream a match. What do I need to do?
For a match to be streamed, a match request must be placed at least 5 days ahead of the scheduled match with the FrogBox Support Team. To submit a match request, click here and populate the information as requested, your FrogBox kit number is located on the silver sticker on your green box, and on your encoder. In the "Description" box please insert the match links from your competition management system for the game(s) you are requesting. We ask that match requests for the season are sent in one request at the beginning of the season then any additional fixtures that arise can be sent on an ad hoc basis.

Can I stream more than one match in a single day with the same kit?
Yes, you can. The matches must not overlap in time and ideally are located at the same ground to be played one after the other. For example, back to back T20’s, or a Seniors match following the Juniors. Additionally, we kindly request that at the conclusion of each match, you stop the stream using your FrogBox Go account to ensure a smooth transition from one stream to the next. 


Can I stream multiple matches simultaneously?
Yes, you can. To stream at multiple locations, you will require multiple FrogBox Kits. These can be placed at different grounds and streamed separately. Kit numbers must be specified during the match request process to ensure the correct matches are selected. 


How do I view my stream?

Australian customers

From Saturday 15th October 2022 all Australian customers can view their streams & highlights on the MyCricket app. Alternatively, the live streams can be viewed direct on YouTube.

UK Play-Cricket customers

Visit your clubs Play-Cricket website, from the "Matches" drop-down along the top, select "Fixtures & Results" then simply select the match you wish to view. 

Scotland customers

Visit your regional association's Match Centre

Netherlands customers

Visit the KNCB Match Centre


Will 4G work at my ground?
Whilst the 4G network is nationwide, some areas do experience better coverage than others. Ahead of streaming we recommend checking the relevant ‘coverage map’ of your area. These maps will also alert you to any planned outages for network upgrades that will happen in your area each week. Coverage will vary from provider to provider so please check the relevant coverage maps to you BEFORE purchasing any SIM Card. 


I have selected a SIM Card Provider, what’s next?
The next step is making sure you select a data plan that suits the needs of the kit and your club. On average, a single days play will use 6GB of data. Therefore, please factor in how often you would like to stream when considering your data plan. For example, if you wish to stream Saturday and Sunday each week, you will need on average 12GB of data per week.
NOTE: If data on the SIM Card runs out on match-day, the stream may be affected. Please also note that Vodafone SIMs require a short configuration call with our technicians before use.


Is my Encoder charging?
Check that the encoder is plugged into the portable battery and that the portable battery is on. Note that if the portable battery is on charge itself, it will not give output charge. The encoder charging indicator will be solid RED when charging, and GREEN when fully charged. It is vital to the success of the days stream that the encoder stays on charge at all times.


Is my Encoder sending/receiving data?
The quickest way to check this is via the TX Rate on the side display of the encoder. For an ideal stream, the TX rate will be between 800-2500 kb/s.
The flow indicatoron the top will also give you an indication of the stream. The flow indicatorwill quickly flicker green when successfully uploading, and a much slower flash to indicate a streaming fail.


I'm scoring using the Live Score app, why are our on screen graphics not updating when we live score? 
If you're using a Live Score app, it indicates that the scorer might be using an old version of the app. Firstly, confirm you have updated the app to the latest version. Upon completion, save and exit the app completely, before re-opening and entering the match again. Please also ensure that scorers have been made aware of the “Bowler Running In” button, in order to correctly time live highlights for the stream.