In order to stream via your clubs YouTube account you'll need to confirm a couple of things first.

1. Make sure your account is verified - see 
help page for information
2. Make sure your account is enabled for live streaming - see 
help page for information
3. Once you have confirmed the above, see the below information on how to link to FrogBox.

a) Head to your account page

b) You should see the "Channel managers" area - see attached image, *

c) From here select "Add or remove manager(s)", 

d) Hit the blue "Manage Permissions" button, 

e) In the pop up box select the button in the top right corner - see 2nd image attached,

f) Add the following email address and then select the role as "Manager" - 

Please note that if you wish to link to your YouTube channel then you may need to view the stream via YouTube only because you may not have enough subscribers to embed videos into the match centre. YouTube will merely provide a link to the stream from the match centre in this case.

*  If you do not see this option, it means your account isn't a brand account. In this instance you have two options:
1) Change your account to a brand account -

2) Provide us with your username and password so we can directly link your account that way