One of the most valuable features to the FrogBox streaming setup is the ability to integrate your club's sponsor logos onto your stream. It's a great way to attract new sponsors through promoting their brand on your streams. 

Check out the following video demo to see an example of how it all looks! See below for a summary of sizes. 

There are FOUR club logo/ club sponsor locations available on your stream and there is one short and easy step required for us to load these onto your stream upon request. Note that clubs/leagues must adhere to the sizing requirement for each area.

1. Top right square

This is the primary location where we can place your club's logo, a sponsor logo or a combination of both (if sent in the one image). It's important to note that this logo appears for the entirety of the stream

Visibility: Entire stream

Size: 200x200px 

Format: PNG file

Max amount: one

2. Bottom scorebar home and away team logos

This is the section that represents each team. Note if you wish to display the opposition team logo you must send in that logo in as well

Visibility: Whenever scorebar is displayed

Size: 114x114px

Format: PNG file

Max amount: One logo for each team

3. Secondary sponsor boards during breaks in play

Customers can add as many as 8 sponsor boards to show in breaks of play. 
TIP: To maximise the number of sponsors you can promote on a stream, we recommend that you include multiple sponsor logos per slot

Visibility: When Team lists display & when a break is set in the Live score app - Drinks, Innings, Lunch, Tea, Injury, Bad light, Stumps

Size: 800x150px per slot 

Format: PNG file

Max amount: 8 slots

4. NEW! Popups after end of overs

Customers can add a maximum of 8 end of over sponsors onto the stream which will rotate through one per over in the same sequence throughout the match.

Visibility: After the end of each over

Size: 1900x150px per slot 

Format: PNG file

Max amount: 8 slots

How to get your sponsor logos on the stream?

The process for sending us your logos is really simple, just send through a ticket here with your images attached and we will load them ready for your next match.

Be sure to resize your images to the dimensions outlined above and ensure they are the correct file format (.PNG) before sending through. There are plenty of image editing software available (e.g., Photoshop) or alternatively you can search the internet for image re-sizing and PNG converting websites where you simply upload your image and it will do it for you.

Please note Cricket Australia prohibits some advertising categories on FrogBox streams. See below:

Prohibited CategoryBrand (examples, non-exhaustive)Level of Restriction
Winchester, RemingtonFully Restricted
Baby FormulaAny formula for children under 12 monthsConsult with CA
Fast Approval LoansCash Train, Wallett WizardConsult with CA
Lobbying Groups
NRA, Australian Christian Lobby, UnionsConsult with CA
Political Parties Liberal PartyFully Restricted
Surrogate brandsDunhull FragranceConsult with CA
TobaccoDunhillFully Restricted
BettingSportsbetFully Restricted
AlchoholDiageoConsult with CA
Naming Rights Partner CompetitorRed EnergyFully Restricted