We’re excited to introduce Lilypad, our newest fan engagement tool that gives you the power to easily select your favourite moments from a FrogBox match, compile them into playlists, and share them with your club and community!

Curate playlists of entire match highlights, the best shots from a magical century, a memorable wicket-haul, all those amazing catches or perhaps even a blooper reel all in one place!  Lilypad takes the complication out of compiling and sharing highlights and is sure to become a much-loved content creation tool to help grow and engage your club’s community.


Lilypad Launch

Lilypad launched into the Australian market in January 2022, the UK (Play-Cricket) market in May 2022 & The Scotland (Cricket Scotland Live) & The Netherlands (KNCB Live) markets in July 2022. Lilypad was also integrated with the Cricket Australia PlayHQ system in August 2023.


Request Access

If you are a current customer in the above regions, simply submit a support enquiry ticket including the name of your club and contact name, email and number for each of your requested users (maximum of 3 per club). Our support team will respond with instructions to activate your user accounts. Please ensure the person requesting access is an authorised FrogBox user and is a known person to FrogBox Support.


Lilypad Tutorial