This user guide provides an overview of how to use Lilypad to generate, share and manage your playlists. If you require access to Lilypad please see the Lilypad Access help article for rollout dates and directions. 


What is Lilypad

Lilypad is a fan engagement tool that gives you the power to easily select your favourite moments from a FrogBox match, compile them into playlists, and share them with your club and community.



Navigating Lilypad


When logging into Lilypad you will land on the homepage, with two key navigation areas:

  • Top Navigation - Your connected club(s) and account name displays in the top navigation. If you have more than 1 club linked to your account, this where you can flick between them to set the club you wish to use to search for clips. Note if you do not see your club, please contact FrogBox Support to request access.
  • Menu Navigation – the main menu is your primary navigation within the application to access Matches, Clip Search and Playlist functions, along with links to other key product and governing body resources.


How to create playlists

This guide will take you through the following steps to create your playlist:

  1. Search – Find clips using Matches or Clip Search
  2. Add – Select your clips and add to a Playlist
  3. Curate – Edit and order clips to optimise the viewing experience
  4. Compile – Render and download your playlist as a shareable video file
  5. Share – Engage your community with a consistent content plan


To find clips select the Matches or Clip Search menu item. 


TIP: Use Matches when creating a playlist using clips within a particular match day. Use Clip Search when creating a playlist using clips spanning multiple matches.


Searching via Matches

Use the date filters to search for the match stream you are looking for. 

  • Use the ‘day’ column to identify the correct stream for any multi-day matches.
  • Matches in the current season will be returned in the list, if leaving the dates blank.




Upon selecting a match, you will be taken to the selected match screen to choose your clips.

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The selected match screen provides the following filters to narrow the clips that display:

  • Innings – Filter by a particular innings in the match
  • Batter – Filter by any batter or a particular batter in the match or selected innings
  • Bowler – Filter by any bowler or a particular bowler in the match or selected innings
  • Clip Type – Filter by All Balls or All Highlights or a specific highlight type


TIP: You can filter for a particular bowler v batter match up, by selecting the applicable players in the batter and bowler filters. You can further refine the search if you only wish to see highlights (4s, 6s, wickets).


 Searching via Clip Search

The Clip Search screen provides the following filters to narrow the clips that display: 


  • Grade – Filter by all grades or by a particular grade
  • Dates – Filter by a particular date range 
  • Batter – Filter by any batter or a particular batter
  • Bowler – Filter by any bowler or a particular bowler
  • Clip Type – Filter by all balls, all highlights or specific highlights (4s, 6s, wickets)





    2. Add

From the available clips that meet your search criteria, simply click ‘Select’ on each clip and then add them to your playlist using the add button at the bottom of your screen.


TIP: You can watch the clip before selecting it by clicking on it.


You will be prompted to add the clips to an existing playlist, or a new playlist. 

If you choose to create a new playlist you will be prompted to enter a playlist name.





TIP: The playlist max length is 5 minutes, and all added clips default to 15 seconds. Therefore, you will be restricted to adding 20 clips to a playlist. If you subsequently trim clips, then you can return to add more clips providing the playlist never exceeds the 5 minute limit.


    3. Curate

Via the Playlist edit screen you will able to trim each clip to optimise the start and end times, remove a clip and order your playlist clips.

Added clips appear at the top, defaulted to 15 seconds in length, and displaying left to right in the order they will show in the final playlist.




Trim a clip

Select the clip and then use the video editing tool to trim each clip as necessary.



  • Use the skip indicator to move forward or back in 10 seconds intervals
  • Use the back arrow to return to original start time of the clip
  • Use the Play/Pause icon to play and pause the clip, using the red indicator to track where you are within the clip. TIP: You can drag the red indicator to any position within the clip to aid with clip trimming
  • User the Green bar to edit the length of your clip by indicating the start and end of your clip. 

TIP: Via this tool users have the ability to go back or forward in time without restriction to capture the highlight even if it was missed in the original 15 second clip


Remove a clip

Remove a clip by selecting the clip at the top of the screen and then select the red ‘Remove Clip from Playlist’ button’.


Order clips

Order your clips by selecting the clip at the top of the screen and then drag it to the preferred position.



    4. Compile

Once you completed editing your playlist, save the edits by pressing the save button to activate the Render Playlist function.


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Click the Render Playlist button to start compiling your Playlist. The process can take from anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the amount and length of the clips.


Once completed, a Download button will then display enabling you to download a mp4 video file to your computer.


Once the playlist has been rendered you can download it to your computer to use like any mp4 video file.


You can also delete the render against a playlist to continue the edit process again on the same playlist



    5. Share

Once you have downloaded your playlist to your computer, you can share the newly created mp4 file to your/your clubs social media accounts for the community to view! 

For assistance on how to post videos on your social media accounts please refer to the respective social media support desk.



TIP: Create a regular content plan that you can replicate each week. This is a great way to ensure you provide regular content and have a plan to help implement each week, for example, a content plan could be as simple as:

  • Monday Mitts – a playlist of the best catch/es captured 
  • Tuesday Milestones – a playlist of any hundreds, fifties, wicket-hauls 
  • Wednesday Top 5 Deliveries – a playlist of the best 5 balls
  • Friday Stumps – close the week with the best highlights generating excitement for the next weekend of matches.


Manage playlists


From the Playlists menu, you can manage your playlists. Previously created playlists will appear in last edited order and will show a status as ‘Complete’ or ‘Not Rendered’. From this list of playlists, you can:


  • Download completed playlist from list by hitting the download icon. 
  • Render any non rendered playlists by hitting the render button
  • Delete any playlist by clicking the 3 dots icon and selecting Delete Playlist.
  • Access and edit any playlist by clicking on the playlist



Edit Playlist

You can further optimise and re-render an existing playlist from the playlist page. Click on the playlist you wish to edit to access the playlist edit area. Once you make edits to clips within the playlist you will see the ‘save’ button become active again, and the render playlist button will become de-activated. This means that to re-render your new changes you will need to save the edits first. Once you save, the render playlist button will become active again which will allow you to render.