Below are some commonly asked questions, but we also recommend that you read our Product User Guide and watch our Introduction to Lilypad video



We are a FrogBox customer but our club/league is not an Australian, UK or Netherlands cricket club/league, how can we gain access to Lilypad?

Access for customers in other countries will be advised at a later date.

I'm a FrogBox customer in Australia and my club is on PlayHQ, can I use Lilypad to find my matches and clips?

Yes, Lilypad is now integrated with PlayHQ so you can use Lilypad to cut your clips providing you streamed the game using FrogBox.


I have logged in but receiving a message that my account is inactive – what do I do?

In this case, please contact FrogBox support and provide your registered email and authorised club and we will check your settings.

I am trying to sign up but my verification code expired and now I'm stuck - what do I do?

If your verification code expires please wait 15 minutes until signing up again. After 15 minutes the system will allow you to try to sign up again. 

I am involved in more than one club, am I able to have access to create playlists for more than one club?

Yes, accounts can be assigned to multiple clubs. Please ask your main FrogBox club user to submit a support request that includes your current registered account email and your other linked club/s so we can set you up.


When do clips appear in Lilypad?

Lilypad is optimised for post-match curation. Although, clips should become available in Lilypad within 30 minutes of live play. Please note if you are accessing a match when live, you may need to search and then wait 5 minutes before the match will return.


The start of my ball clips are not accurate. Why is that and how can I fix it?

The start time of each ball clip is based on a timestamp generated by the match day scorer when they hit the Bowler running in prompt on the scoring app.

Whilst you can edit the clip within Lilypad, you should also inform your match day scorer of the importance of accurately indicating when the bowler runs in.


How do I share my playlist?

Once you have rendered your playlist in Lilypad, you will have the option to ‘download’ it via the interface. The download provides you with an mp4 file which you can then use to share through your social media accounts or other communication channels, just like any other video file on your computer.


Will my FrogBox matches that I streamed before getting access to Lilypad be available with clips?

Yes, all historical FrogBox matches are available in Lilypad.


Why does it take so long to render my playlist?

The process to render your playlist involves trimming and storing each individual clip based on your personalised curations, then Lilypad stitches each clip into a single mp4 video file. The process can take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes long depending on the length and number of clips contained in your playlist.