FrogBox Go FAQ

Q: Do I need to download an app or any special software to use FrogBox Go?

A: No, you can control your streams from any modern laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Simply log in to FrogBox Go using your registered email address to schedule and manage your streams.

Q: How can I sign up?

A: Visit this link and follow the instructions. Once submitted, we'll set up your account for you. Look out for an email confirmation in the next 5-7 business days, which will guide you through creating your password and login for the first time. Remember to check your junk/spam folder in case it ends up there.

Q: Will I be able to create my own streams on YouTube?

A: Yes. Once your FrogBox Go account has been activated, visit and log in with your registered email address. Simply connect your FrogBox to a YouTube channel and read the following guide for detailed information on how to use FrogBox Go. Please be aware that setting up a stream last minute, particularly during less popular times of the week or year, may mean agents aren't assigned to provide match day support. We would still recommend setting up streams at least 48 hours in advance.

Q: What settings can I control when setting up my own streams?

A: In addition to finding and creating your own streams, You can link your FrogBox kit to your YouTube channel, manually amend the start and finish times, select from any pre-existing graphics configurations, and customize Video Privacy Settings, stream title, description, and team names/abbreviations for your live score bar. Finally, FrogBox Go's diagnostic tools allow you to check your signal strength, see if your encoder is charging, and refresh your stream if there's an issue.

Q: What happens on match day?

On match day, scheduled streams can be accessed under Today's streams on the Home screen (or enter via the Manage Stream section). More than an hour before the scheduled start, you can still edit the stream. Within an hour before the match start, you will then be able to preview your own video, run diagnostics, and start the stream early if necessary. 

Q: Can I change the YouTube title, team names, and end times once a stream has started?

A: No. Once a stream has started you can only change the privacy settings or stop the stream. 

Q: Can I view previous streams?

A: Yes, you can access previous streams via the View Stream History link. Filter streams by year, month, and competition, and retrospectively change privacy settings or access YouTube URLs.

Q: What privacy options are available for streams?

A: You can choose from Public (everyone can see the video), Private (only those with the link can see the video), and Takedown (restricted access; only channel owners, managers, and invited viewers can see the video, and no highlights will be generated).

Q: I can't see my match for scheduling?

A: Ensure your match is set up in your territory's designated match center (PlayHQ in Australia, Play-Cricket in England and Wales, FrogBox Matchcentre in South Africa, CricketScotlandLive in Scotland, WDCULive for the Western District Cricket Union in Scotland, and the KNCB Matchcentre in The Netherlands). If it's missing, contact your Association or League.

Q: My match is still not viewable in FrogBox Go!

A: For a match to appear in FrogBox Go for scheduling, InteractSport and your regional matchcentre's databases have to be synchronised. For some matchcentres this is instantaneous (e.g. KNCB, Cricket Scotland) while for others (e.g. PlayHQ, Play-Cricket) this only occurs automatically at set intervals through the day. If you can't wait for this process to run on its own accord (e.g. when a final is set up after the completion of a semi final round), then you will need to download your newly created match into your scoring app, then refresh FrogBox Go in order for it to become visible. Please contact our agents via your WhatsApp matchday support group if encountering any issues with match visibility on match day itself, otherwise please submit a support ticket.

Q: My ECB Friendly match isn't appearing (Play-Cricket only)

A: Another possible reason your match isn't appearing (Play-Cricket customers in Europe only), is that your opponent has been set up as a Scratch Team". When setting up an ECB Friendly, avoid creating a "Scratch Team" as it won't be visible to FrogBox's system. Ensure opponents are in the Play-Cricket database (please see the following article for further information).

Q: Can I upload my own sponsors' banners and team logos?

A: FrogBox Go will provide this functionality in the future, but for now graphics requests must be made via a ticket on FreshDesk. Please read this article for further information. If you wish to check if your opponent has a scorebar logo in place for your upcoming match, go to "Manage Stream", click the relevant stream, and visit "Graphics Page under URL links and troubleshooting".

Q: Can I upload my full season's worth of matches?

A: Yes. Any match you can see in FrogBox Go can be set up on your YouTube channel. You can schedule streams up to 12 weeks in advance.

Q: I'm having problems connecting to a YouTube channel. Can I still stream?

A: Please refer to the following article that explains in detail how to set up a YouTube channel. It's essential that live streaming is enabled on your channel (allow 24 hours after requesting it for the first time). Please note that you no longer need to add a FrogBox email as a manager of your channel. If you are still experiencing difficulties FrogBox agents will be on hand to help - please submit a ticket via here.

Q: Why can't I schedule my away game until 72 hours before the date?

A: This is under review, but currently the restriction is in place because if both teams wish to stream, the graphics configuration (including sponsors) of the team that creates it first in FrogBox Go will appear on both clubs' YouTube channels. This policy gives the home team a window of priority to prevent the away team's sponsors featuring on their stream.

Q: What happens if our match goes beyond the scheduled end time?

A: FrogBox streams will generally stop 15 minutes after the scheduled end time, provided our servers have stopped receiving video from your encoder and a match score from your scoring app. If our servers continue to receive both vision and scores, streams should continue uninterrupted for up to 12 hours. If we stop receiving a score, regardless of whether you're still sending video, the stream will stop at 60 minutes after the scheduled end time.

Q: I can see duplicates of matches when trying to schedule in FrogBox Go. Which match should I select?

A: This can occur when Associations or clubs delete and recreate fixtures - FrogBox's database can retain legacy data on these deleted matches, causing them to appear in FrogBox Go. Contact FrogBox Support for guidance on which match to select to ensure your live scoring synchronises with your streams.