It's match day! Where can you find help for your all-important match stream?

Our online support site has plenty of information, in addition to your product manual and setup guide that comes with your kit.

Things to remember:

  • The graphics and stream are powered by your live scoring app, so ensure your app is up-to-date and that you are ball-by-ball scoring
  • Your streaming kit needs power and data, so check the battery pack and camera are charged before play and that your 4G SIM card is loaded with enough data.

Pre-match, the simple steps are:

  1. Setup and position your kit before play
  2. 45 minutes before the start of the game, turn on the video encoder
  3. Listen for the short beep and wait for the flow indicator to flicker green
  4. Once the kit is set up, message our Support Team via WhatsApp to confirm your stream is ready to go!


Experiencing issues with your kit on match day?

Our match day troubleshooting tips is your best place to troubleshoot any issues as to why your stream has not started or why vision is not appearing on the stream.

Weekend Chat Service

We operate our Chat service and actively monitor these during the peak weekend times. During these times you can send us a message with the details and our team will assist with troubleshooting. 

The weekend chat service operates between 9am and 4pm every Saturday and Sunday, and we aim to respond within 30 minutes to incidents related to your FrogBox streaming kit for active matches. 

Outside of these times, please send your requests through to our helpdesk who will respond within two business days.


Not sure how to contact us via WhatsApp?

You will have been provided details for your WhatsApp support group during onboarding, if you are unsure please contact us via the portal before match day and we can confirm how to get in contact on match day.